The Benefits of Laboratory Automation and Scheduling Software

Find out the benefits of using laboratory automation and scheduling software, and how you can experience real-time tracking and resource optimisation.

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The pursuit of precise efficiency, streamlined workflows and error reduction has seen industries across the world adopt automation en masse. There are numerous benefits to incorporating automation and scheduling software within laboratory settings; including increased productivity and finer-tuned workflows. At Astech Projects, we specialise in introducing custom and off the shelf automated solutions for labs.

Below, we’ll draw on our insights to discuss the tangible advantages of incorporating automation led software within lab settings.

5 key benefits of lab automation

Automation software greatly increases efficiency and precision in lab settings, making it well worth investing in - especially when combined with scheduling software like LabExpert®. Creating an environment where lab technicians and automated machines work together in harmony leads to several benefits, including:

1. Greater accuracy

Automation ensures accurate results across the lab, reducing expensive and dangerous errors, and increasing productivity of lab workers. Automation creates an environment where great results are easier to achieve. Automated software and robotics boast precise instruments and sensors, consistent protocols, and reproducible samples.

2. Expands lab capabilities

Utilising automated software and robots expands the capabilities of your lab, giving your workforce more capacity to complete complex tasks that require human insights, and offering assistance on repetitive tasks.

Astech’s LabExpert software combines automation with workflow scheduling to guarantee smoother, collaborative processes. Astech RAMP (Cobots) machines also have a smaller footprint, freeing up physical space within labs to allow for more workstations.

3. Detailed data logging in real time

Data logging is a time intensive task. Automating this process means that your data will always be up-to-date, accurate, and available to explore in real time. Importantly, more accurate data means that data is available for traceability and compliance purposes.

4. Optimised resource utilisation

Using automation can fine-tune resource usage by examining data and available resources to check the right amount of material is being used and stock levels are being maintained. Data led resource management reduces wastage and saves costs.

5. Less risks

Precision is important in lab environments. Removing manual processes reduces error margins, guaranteeing precision where it matters the most. This leads to increased safety, more predictable outcomes, and greater efficiency. Utilising automated programmes that include fail-safes also reduces risks.

Ready to introduce automation to your lab?

Integrating laboratory automation and scheduling software into your processes creates a smoother, data-led, lab with greater throughput.

Astech Projects own innovative LabExpert® lab automation software - a powerful solution that uses intuitive workflow design to streamline efficiency and promote collaboration.

Learn more about LabExpert® and get in touch with our team to discover how we can transform your laboratory processes.

Talk to us about LabExpert®

Each individual lab has specific needs, which is why we are not only able to advise on the best version of LabExpert® automation software for you, but we can also develop SiLA 2 device drivers for your application. If you are ready to automate your lab's workflow, get in touch with the Astech team.

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