Our Products

    The Astech suite of products has been carefully considered and developed by our experienced team. Each product is customisable and scalable to meet your lab or facilities specifications, with the goal of creating a more accurate, streamlined workflow across the board.

    Robotic Lab Assistant

    The Robotic Lab Assistant (RLA) is an accessible, easy-to-use technology that is geared towards making your facility more productive by taking over repetitive, but vital tasks.

    • Four core configurations

    • Fast, flexible deployment

    • Collaborative, safety compliant

    • Advanced functionality

    • Superior vision capabilities

    • Integrable, minimal infrastructure changes

    RAMP (Cobot)

    RAMP (Cobots) is a more flexible, interactive alternative to traditional robots and robotic arms. Cobots have a smaller footprint and can function collaboratively with workers for a smoother workflow.

    • Utilises graphical user interface

    • Easy to repurpose

    • Can perform complex tasks

    • Workers can interact with Cobots

    • Less restrictions

    • Flexible, mobile collaborative Cobots


    LabExpert® is a highly adaptable, scalable software that will transform the day-to-day running of any lab. It allows you to take complete control of your lab and execute experiments from one simple workflow scheduling tool.

    • Accessible web-browser UI

    • Instrument aware workflow editor

    • Intuitive workflow visualisation

    • Scalable, extensible core

    • Command any SiLA 2 instrument

    • Optimised for desktop, tablet, and mobile

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