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    Take control of your lab with LabExpert®—the leading lab automation software solution. Its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities are designed with lab work in mind, giving users full control and flexibility while making learning as easy as possible. Command any SiLA 2 instrument, connect measurements and metadata directly to your LIMS or ELN, and keep users updated on all actions through notifications. The best part? LabExpert® runs on any device via your web browser. Design and execute automated experiments effortlessly with LabExpert®. Draw intuitive and visual workflows using a drag-and-drop interface. Incorporate automatic decision-making based on readouts and retain flexibility by adding manual tasks. Our user-friendly diagrams, based on the BPMN standard, have been tailored to fit the needs of modern laboratories. With LabExpert®’s lab scheduling software, you can maximise the efficiency of your lab, saving time and resources.


    LabExpert® Benefits: Simplifying Lab Automation

    LabExpert® offers a range of benefits that simplify lab automation and enhance collaboration:
    • Streamline laboratory processes and boost productivity
    • Achieve consistent and reliable results with automated workflows
    • Seamlessly integrate with your existing LIMS and ELN systems
    • Enable real-time monitoring and notifications for enhanced collaboration
    • Access LabExpert® from any device, anywhere, through your web browser
    • Empower users with full control and flexibility in experiment design and execution
    • Increase efficiency with intelligent decision-making based on readouts
    • Adapt to evolving requirements with ease

    Efficient Lab Workflow Management

    LabExpert® offers powerful workflow management capabilities to optimize your laboratory processes. Easily design, modify, and execute workflows using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Automate decision-making, incorporate manual tasks, and ensure flexibility to meet your specific needs. With LabExpert®, managing lab workflows has never been easier.

    Intelligent Lab Scheduling Software

    LabExpert® includes advanced scheduling features to optimize your lab operations. Take advantage of our industry-proven scheduling engine based on the BPMN standard. Orchestrate the sequence and timing of actions, incorporate automatic decision-making, and ensure efficient resource utilization. With LabExpert®’s lab scheduling software, you can enhance productivity and maximize the efficiency of your lab.

    LabExpert® Products: Tailored to Your Needs

    We offer a range of LabExpert® products tailored to meet your specific requirements.


    LabExpertFull Version

    • Control multiple Astech Projects Robotic Laboratory Assistant.
    • Unlock UNLIMITED control of SiLA 2 devices.
    • Access to UNLIMITED workflows & users.

    LabExpertLight Version

    • Control one Astech Projects Robotic Laboratory Assistant.
    • Control one SiLA 2 enabled device with a single workflow.


    • Discover and operate any SiLA 2 server on your network through a generic web browser client.

    Frequently Asked Questions about LabExpert®

    LabExpert® is a cutting-edge lab automation software solution designed to streamline laboratory processes and provide users with full control and flexibility in experiment design and execution. LabExpert® simplifies your current processes and allows you to manage workflows more effectively.

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