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    Welcome to Astech Projects' Case Studies Overview Page, where we showcase our expertise in lab automation, drug delivery, and manufacturing automation through real-world projects. Our case studies exemplify our commitment to innovation and tailored solutions. Join us on a journey of automation excellence.

    AST Filling Plate case study

    During this project, we revolutionised the Antimicrobic Susceptibility Testing (AST) plate production at a well-known, global life science company. Their need to modernise the production process led to us replacing the liquid handler of their semi-automated AST Plate Inspection Station with a new, state-of-the-art liquid handling solution.

    Aerospace Component Masking Case Study

    A leading aerospace company approached Astech with two requests - to optimise their operational efficiency, and to increase their cost-effectiveness. We achieved this by transforming their previous component coating process from a labour intensive, time consuming manual lacquer application, to an innovative, automated solution.

    Cobot Dispensing System Case Study

    The goal of this ambitious project was to revolutionise a common laboratory dispensing process. Whilst trying to identify areas of the lab which could benefit from an automated solution, we recognised that the time of highly skilled lab technicians was being absorbed by the intensive process of manually filling Schott bottles. By reducing the dependency of human interactions, we were able to facilitate greater operational efficiency.