Our Industries

    Astech specializes in providing tailor-made automation solutions to companies operating in industries that require top-tier quality and automation proficiency. Few organizations possess the capability to excel in these highly regulated sectors. Astech is the trusted partner for the world's largest corporations, delivering automated systems that meet the stringent quality standards demanded by these specific industries, including Life Science, Aerospace, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, and Petrochemicals. Within these sectors, Astech offers customized automation solutions for both Research & Development (R&D) laboratories and Advanced Manufacturing facilities.

    Consumer Goods

    Consumer goods companies must constantly innovate to deliver new consumer products and stay ahead of the competition. Most of that innovation is performed in the laboratories of the R&D departments. Their scientists are tasked with discovering improved formulations for household and consumer healthcare products. This is often achieved with High Throughput Formulation Science (HTFS). To achieve this high throughput, automated systems are used extensively.

    Medical Devices

    Medical devices must be manufactured to the most stringent quality standards to ensure patient safety and compliance with international regulatory requirements. Achieving this level of quality demands an automation company that has the technical expertise, industry experience and ISO quality management systems to enable product compliance.

    Life Sciences

    Astech's automated systems are used in the life-science industry to accelerate the production of biological medical products and diagnostics consumables, as well as the Research & Development of novel biopharmaceutical therapies.


    There are many areas within the pharmaceutical industry that have adopted the benefits of automation. Both manufacturing and Research & Development (R&D) departments have long recognised that automation can improve product quality, time to market, production capacity and cost savings. High throughput automation for testing of pharmaceutical products is just one example in the laboratories, and automated packaging of products is an example of robotics and automation in the manufacturing facility.


    Whilst the aerospace industry does not have the throughput demands of many other industries, for example, fast moving consumer goods, the sector relies on automation to achieve its highest quality and safety standards. Astech’s robotics and automation systems enable novel production processes to be automated, ensuring consistency and accuracy required for these highly engineered aircraft components and assemblies.

    Health Care

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    Petrochemicals are tested in the quality control laboratories of the major oil and gas companies, as well as contract test organisations. Automation and robotics can assist with the sample preparation before these products are analysed with specialist instruments to determine their physical and chemical characteristics. In addition to quality control, petrochemical companies require automation to assist with research and development to discover new methods for increasing efficiency in the production process.

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