Introducing LabExpert®

Using Automation Software to Streamline Your Workflow.

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Scaling up lab projects without disrupting the existing workflow is no easy feat. That’s where LabExpert® comes in; a streamlined workflow management system for the modern lab that can help you to evolve business-critical projects without slowing you down.

Enhancing Efficiency with LabExpert® Automation Software

LabExpert® automation software allows you to command any SiLA 2 supported instrument straight out of the box, including Astech Projects’ own Robotic Lab Assistant. The software is usable on any device with a browser, allowing it to be used on existing mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, and it is easy to learn. Draw workflows, or drag-and drop, with widely-used BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) standards to action automated tasks - no matter how simple or complex they might be.

The flexibility of LabExpert®’s core software makes it a blank canvas packed with potential, making automation a possibility even in the most fragile work environments.

Essentially, LabExpert® makes it possible to design and execute automated experiments at scale across any machine that is SiLA 2 enabled. This opens up the door to hundreds of possibilities.

Features of LabExpert® for Workflow Streamlining

When linked with the Robotic Lab Assistant, LabExpert® can be utilised for any number of repetitive and complicated lab-based tasks, including transporting samples and consumables between analysis and preparation stations.

Core Technical Features:

  • Commands any SiLA 2 instrument.
  • Connect measurements and metadata to LIMS or ELN.
  • Diagrams base on Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) standards.
  • Instrument-aware workflow editor.

Software Options - there are three LabExpert® options that you can choose between depending on the complexity and scale of the workflows you need to design and execute.

SiLA-Browser (Free) - generic client that can discover and operate SiLA 2 servers in the same network using your web browser.

Lite Version - a single workflow to control our Robotic Lab Assistant + one SiLA 2 enabled device.

Full Version - unlimited workflows, users, and SiLA 2 device control.

Benefits of using LabExpert® in a laboratory

These are the core benefits of using LabExpert® automation software to evolve your lab’s workforce.

  1. Flexible functionality - LabExpert® can be used to control a range of machines, and tasks can be executed alongside automations.
  2. Data-based automation - eliminate human error by enabling LabExpert® to make decisions based on collected data.
  3. Extend your labs working hours - LabExpert® can be run 24/7, meaning you can extend your working day beyond standard lab hours. This means repetitive but necessary tasks can be completed overnight, ready for the next day.
  4. Easy to use - once LabExpert® is set up, its simple interface is easy to follow, no matter how familiar you are with workflow scheduling software.
  5. Scalable to meet project needs - the scalability of the software means you can add, remove, and change machines to quickly adapt workflows and meet changing project requirements.

Talk to us about LabExpert®

Each individual lab has specific needs, which is why we are not only able to advise on the best version of LabExpert® automation software for you, but we can also develop SiLA 2 device drivers for your application. If you are ready to automate your lab's workflow, get in touch with the Astech team.

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