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Astech are a leading supplier of robotics and automation solutions to a global customer base and part of the Schauenburg International group of companies; a technology business with more than 30 sites worldwide. Our technology has been adopted by many of the world’s leading companies within Laboratory Automation and Manufacturing Automation, including pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer healthcare, chemical, life sciences, aerospace and automotive. Astech are recognised as a leading automation company for our ability to provide innovative and cost effective automation systems.

Our Values


We know we are stronger together, so we support and trust in our experts to make the right decisions and to take ownership and accountability of our actions.

Human Focus

We do everything we can to empower our experts to think and grow as a team.


We constantly develop new, better, and more efficient automated solutions that transform the working life and environment for our clients.

Our Expertise

Astech has delivered advanced automated systems since its formation in 1995. Since then we have delivered many custom automation systems that exceeded client expectations. With a growing client base, returning project after project, and a dedicated team of staff, Astech has grown into a world leading robotics and automation company. We deliver industrial quality robotics and automation to companies worldwide. We have a reputation for high quality, novel automation developed and delivered within a robust quality framework.

Laboratory Automation
Laboratory Automation

Astech can perform the systems integration of commercially available laboratory instruments and devices for common laboratory processes through the use of our proprietary workflow scheduler, LabExpert® and our advanced system control software Relovex®.

Our Partners

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Become a valued addition to our ever-expanding list of international clients. At Astech Projects, we take pride in our ability to cultivate enduring partnerships across the globe. By choosing us, you're embarking on a journey fueled by innovation, reliability, and tailored solutions. Our commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach has earned us the trust of clients worldwide.
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Astech Projects Ltd is a part of SCHAUENBURG International group.

SCHAUENBURG International is a strategic family equity investor, investing in profitable, established industrial companies and promising tech ventures. As a holding company, SCHAUENBURG International supports industrial companies to become market and technological leaders. They promote future proof technologies in a sustainable, growth-orientated manner through SCHAUENBURG Ventures. For more information about the Schauenburg International Group please visit our website.

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