Drug Delivery to the Lungs 2019

Astech’s NGI Sample Recovery System launching at DDL2019

Astech will be showing our new Xelox® automated NGI Sample Recovery System at DDL2019, in Edinburgh. It’s a special show this year as the Aerosol Society celebrates 30 years of the conference. The Drug Delivery to the Lungs (DDL) Conference and exhibition provides an annual forum for scientists, academics, clinicians, regulatory and industry specialists involved in developing medicines for inhalation.

For more information on the confrence and exhibition visit DDL2019’s website.

NGI SRU 5 Rockers

The Xelox® NGI Sample Recovery System is capable of preparing, dispensing, agitating and recovering from 5 separate NGI cup trays in under 1 hour.

Load up to 5 NGI cup trays, select your method from the intuitive touch screen interface and the Xelox® system will automatically prepare and recover your samples ready for HPLC analysis.

Parallel processing of all 5 trays with Astech’s powerful Relovex® scheduling software gives you primary and duplicate samples in under 1 hour! Typically over an 8 hour shift the NGI SRS can process 60 tray assemblies.

  • Parallel processing and ‘Just in Time’ scheduling to optimise throughputs and process 5 trays in less than 60 minutes
  • Intuitive touchscreen controls and LIMS compatible data exporting functions
  • Software features assist with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Configurable motion profiles for agitation (angle, duration and frequency)
  • Small system footprint and no special modifications to infrastructure needed
  • Modular design – build your full automation solution… read more
NGI SRU 5 Rockers