Laboratory Automation

Lab automation simplifies workflows to achieve greater efficiency by integrating advanced robotics and software with existing processes. Astech can perform the systems integration of commercially available laboratory instruments and devices for common laboratory processes through the use of our proprietary workflow scheduler, LabExpert® and our advanced system control software Relovex®. Integration may include custom robotics and automation to handle labware and consumables. The addition of automation software and machinery to your operations results in higher throughput, as well as better time and resource management.

Laboratory Automation Products

Accelerate your laboratory automation with the Astech suite of products. Create smoother workflows, increase productivity by integrating robotics into your workforce, and control your lab with simple interfaces. Robotic Lab Assistant - accessible software that can take up repetitive, vital tasks within your laboratory, freeing up lab workers for jobs that require human insight RAMP (Cobots) - robots with a smaller footprint, easily adaptable and geared up to work collaboratively with your lab staff LabExpert® - adaptable, scalable workflow management software for labs

Laboratory Automation Applications

Scale your automated workforce across multiple applications to cover all steps of your lab workflow. From compound management, to consumer goods testing, there are Astech solutions that cover all bases. Applications available for laboratory automation include:

  • Automated Drop Testing

  • Cobot Reagent Filling Systems

  • Consumer Goods Testing

  • Polymer Catalyst Discovery

  • High Throughput Formulation

  • Microbiology Sample Preparation

What else can we do?

Find out more about our laboratory automation solutions plus our support and maintenance service.

Custom Laboratory Automation

Unique workflows require unique solutions, which is why our automated systems can be built and altered to meet custom specifications.

REACTS Support & Maintenance

Find our more about our REACTS service which offers Rapid, Effective And Complete Technical Support for all your automation equipment

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