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    At Astech, we specialize in providing cutting-edge custom automation solutions tailored to the unique needs of the medical device industry. Custom Automation Solutions: We are your partners in innovation, crafting custom-designed automation and robotics equipment specifically engineered to meet your medical device assembly and testing requirements. Our solutions integrate the best manufacturers of automation components to ensure the highest quality and efficiency in your production processes. Support Across the Lifecycle: Whether you're in the early stages of low-throughput development with basic assembly and test jigs or advancing to more complex manufacturing systems with increasing throughput demands, Astech is with you every step of the way. We adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring seamless transitions in your device development journey.

    What we can deliver

    Industry Prowess: Astech's extensive experience in the medical device sector sets us apart. We understand the rigorous standards and regulatory demands that govern this industry. Our expertise ensures that your validation processes run smoothly, allowing you to concentrate on the core business of device development. Validation Excellence: We take the complexity out of validation and verification (V&V) processes, simplifying compliance with regulatory requirements. Astech's solutions are designed to facilitate efficient and error-free V&V, safeguarding the integrity and safety of your medical devices. Environmental Control and Sterile Expertise: Some medical devices require specialized environments and stringent sterile conditions. Astech has the know-how to address these unique needs, guaranteeing that your devices meet the highest standards of cleanliness.

    Our Products

    Astech’s X-Bot Manufacturing Cells are designed to offer a flexible and cost-effective manufacturing platform based on core robotic and Astech software technologies. Applications may include product assembly or inspection. The X-Bot Cells can be installed as a standalone automated workstation, integrated with another X-Bot Cell or alongside your existing automation. This flexible approach to automation lowers costs and will improve productivity and product quality. Expandable to include both manufacturing cells and flexible solutions, such as Astech’s autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).The X-Bot range integrates seamlessly with any Manufacturing Execution System (MES) via Astech’s Relovex® software package. Each cell comes with a high specification IPC control system which can be easily operated from the system's touchscreen HMI.


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