Laboratory Automation

At Astech Projects we have over 20 years experience of integrating and building bespoke complex laboratory automation systems. Laboratory automation is an ideal solution for tasks that could be harmful to humans, where precision is key or the task needs to be repeated for long periods of time. We have a team of highly qualified engineers who offer a turnkey service within a ISO9001 quality driven environment.

We are able to perform the integration of commercially available instruments through the use of our Relovex® software platform. Our past projects have included novel lab automation techniques that have been invented, developed and industrialised as well as standard processes. Always at the forefront of technology, Astech are able to implement Industry 4.0, ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ solutions for your laboratory environment.

Astech’s experience and expertise enables us to work with all of the major automation manufacturers. We are proud to have strong relationships with leading suppliers in the industry such as ABB, Tecan, Staubli, Keyence, Omron and Festo. These partnerships allow us to offer flexibility in specification and the best possible customer support. All of these companies are active in developing the latest Industry 4.0 technologies to enable SMART laboratory implementation.

Custom Robotics & Automation

Research laboratories are often, by definition striving to break boundaries and make new discoveries; however, they are also part of a business that needs a return on that R&D investment. The success of that research often depends on being able to scale up routine operations and workflows as well as collect and interpret the resultant data efficiently. Laboratory tasks may present hazards for humans or must be performed with an accuracy and precision that is hard for humans to replicate repeatedly for long periods.

For applications such as these, robotics and lab automation are the solution. Commercially available off the shelf systems are available for discrete tasks and analyses; however, your overall workflows are probably as unique as the research methods and experiments your success depends on.

Astech designs and builds bespoke lab automation systems for such unique requirements. We have over 25 years’ experience of taking lab automation projects from concept to completion, using well-proven engineering methods to deliver quality turnkey systems that meet the specification on time and budget. 

Our mature quality management system including design and project management frameworks ensure your costs are controlled, timescales met and risk mitigated. Our proprietary workflow scheduling software Relovex® is elegant and simple to use. Relovex® allows complete control over an integrated system of robots, instruments and devices along with any connections that maybe required such as data collection or notification services.

Creative, thoughtful and intelligent design have established Astech’s reputation as a dynamic and innovative engineering company in the lab automation sector.

Developing robust, quality solutions for novel applications is our speciality. The diversity of our clients is one of Astech’s key differentiators and helps us to look at problems differently. We have experience from highly regulated and advanced manufacturing industries such as aerospace, nuclear and pharmaceuticals and adopted best practice from each one.

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