Inhaler Shaking

Xelair® 1 Series Shaker

In analytical chemistry, most sample preparations rely on some form of shaking to ensure homogeneity of the formulation. For example, shaking is an essential step for Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) and some Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) testing. Adequate and consistent sample preparation is a key requirement for reliable and repeatable data. For inhaled drug delivery testing, the shaking technique may change the characteristics of the delivered dose.

You need robust shaking equipment capable of replicating a range of parameters, allowing you to develop methods without delaying your analytical development process or quality control plans.

Multiple profiles

Shake distance (amplitude), frequency, duration, acceleration, velocity and wave profile are all fully configurable. Set parameters and generate profiles in our intuitive Relovex® Graphical User Interface software.

Shakes up to 4Hz

The floor mounted Shaker is more secure, stable and capable of delivering more aggressive shaking than bench mounted types, allowing shakes of up to 4Hz at 400mm amplitude.

Changeable nests

Device carriages can hold up to 10 canisters or fully assembled canisters/actuators at a time. Interchangeable device nests can be manufactured to accommodate new device designs or product variants such as those that include dose counter mechanisms.

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Xelair® Range

Xelair® Range for Inhaler Device Testing including:

  • Dose Content Uniformity
  • Waste Firing
  • Shaking
  • Flow Generation
  • Actuation Through Life & Dose Counter Verification
  • Emitted Dose/Weight

Eliminates variability, producing repeatable and reliable data

Our ground breaking series of products for testing Dose Content Uniformity of the emitted dose as well as stand alone workstations for waste firing, shaking & firing, dose collection and physical device testing including actuation through life.

Click here for an overview of the range: Xelair Series Overview

Build your automated inhaler testing facility by selecting from our range of systems:

  • Xelair® series products for Automated Delivered Dose
  • Xelize® series products for Automated Andersen Cascade Impaction
  • Xelox® series products for Automated NGI testing

We can provide custom inhaler shake-fire solutions to meet your specific requirements including arc-inversion and rotary shake profiles. Shaker units can also be integrated into our fully automated Xelair®, Xelox® and Xelize® 5 Series systems. Talk to us about the parameters you need and the level of automation that suits your throughput requirements.