Astech’s Relovex ® is a software package that controls and schedules the work performed by robotic and automation systems. Relovex® is scalable and suitable for small semi-automated workstations through to complex, fully automated systems. Decision and parameter-based workflows, together with robust data handling features and a powerful reporting engine, allow Relovex® to be employed on the most advanced data generating applications. Thus supporting a range of industries from pharmaceutical, medical, and laboratory automation to advanced manufacturing applications.

Task-based scheduling for process flows optimise automation system performance, utilising parallel processing where possible, for example:

  • Maximum throughput (progressive processing of samples – FIFO basis)
  • Just in time (hardware availability optimisation)
  • Uniform processing (consistent timing from sample to sample)
  • Prioritised sample processing
  • Astech continually updates its library of drivers for many hardware types and manufacturers. Our drivers provide great flexibility for new products or applications, regardless of communication protocol. Utilisation of modern Ethernet-based fieldbus alleviates the requirement of third-party hardware and software licensing.

Relovex® integrates traditional and cloud-based data interfaces, including:

  • Oracle™ Database
  • Microsoft™ SQL Server
  • SAP
  • LIMS

Relovex® software incorporates a user friendly touchscreen graphical interface, with ergonomic controls, accessible via local and remote terminals, including mobiles and tablets.

The main features include:

  • Automation control – commentary, alarm logs/messages with simple error-recovery
  • Multi Language Support
  • Authentication Systems
    • LDAP integration/Active Directory
    • Relovex® Authentication System (enforced password aging and complexity requirements)
  • Touchscreen optimised user controls (on-screen keyboards, switches and numeric controls) based on typical smartphone/tablet look and feel
  • Process Graphical User Controls
    • Live-Data Graphs
    • Interactive Process Symbols
  • Report Engine
    • Pre-defined FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant reports, including system users, assigned roles and security assignment, audit logs, workflow/sample results, performance/yield metrics, failure reports and more.
    • Custom filters to generate reports based specific criteria
  • Web portal providing report generation
  • Version-controlled parameters
  • Data Export to CSV, XML and PDF