Data Management

One of the key outputs from an automated system is data. As a result, Data Management, the ability to produce, store and report high quality and consistent information is fundamental. It is important that data be secure, but also available to authorised users via powerful reporting tools, and incorporate the latest industry standards.

Astech’s Relovex® suite of software is designed to meet the high volume data management demands of today’s advanced automated systems, many of which are capable of producing data on a 24/7 basis. Data is stored in an organised and efficient manner which is easily searchable so that results on tests can be reported in a relevant way. Using Relovex®, authorised users can access data with ease, creating reports that make optimum use of the available information.

Features of Relovex® include:

  • ORACLE / SQL Server secure database applications (including Cloud based database systems), normalised for large data volumes that require a long retention period
  • ORACLE / SQL Server deployment for multi-site operations
  • Seamless integration into customer LIMS/ERMS
  • Electronic Record/Electronic Signature (ERES) capability (21 CFR Part 11 compliance, where required)
  • Stand-alone authentication system with modern security controls for password complexity and ageing requirements or utilisation of customer LDAP, LDAPS and Active Directory systems
  • Version controlled parameters and full change log with associated history
  • Audit trail recording and reporting
  • Cross platform interoperability with XML data generation
  • Web portal providing authenticated remote access to powerful report generation features and sample data via simple HTML interface
  • Data export for spreadsheet applications (CSV), optimised for use with document formatters (PDF and XPS) for paperless reporting
  • Flexible/user definable data report facilities based on specific criteria, date and numeric data ranges and wildcards
  • Data aware user interface controls with verification and validation support for data entry integrity
  • Remote access options for support with REACTS® to allow remote diagnostics and upgrades where appropriate