Component Masking

Accurate Positioning in Masking Applications Solved with Machine Vision and Robotics

Astech work with technology that allows a machine to “see” complex shaped parts, and manipulate them whilst performing highly accurate component masking application.

The application of liquid masking is a precision process in the manufacture of components used in the most advanced manufacturing sectors. When developing an automated process for component masking you need to consider the accuracy and consistency you need to achieve. Combining sophisticated machine vision and robotics Astech are able to increase through-put whilst maintaining the high standards and strict parameters demanded by the industries such as aerospace.

Machine Vision & Robotics

Accuracy is vital for both critical high-performance components and when using expensive precious metals.  Before automation masking relied on skilled labour manually painting the component to apply the masking material. Increases in throughput can be achieved through automation using of sensors, but this doesn’t provide the level of accuracy needed for many types of industry.

Astech use machine vision in combination with the laser sensors to establish the position and alignment of the component. This achieves accurate adjustment and positioning of the component to allow a masking liquid to be dispensed from a fixed point to within 0.1mm.

From Aerospace to Orthopedics

Precision masking has many applications. Modern light cured masking masking materials are immediately ready for processing making them quick and clean to use. A variety of viscosities and formulations are available making masking suitable for aerospace, automotive, electrical, and medical device applications such as orthopedics. 

Scaling Up: Multiple Variations and Robots

Astech’s software allows calibration of multiple robots so that they can work in unison to produce consistent results. The machines can also be set for multiple materials and component combinations.

Successful Operation Delivers Improved Throughput

Astech can deliver the level of accuracy and consistency for automated masking enabling clients to improve significantly throughput with 24/7 operation. Our unique application of machine vision and robotics can help in multiple industries and other applications requiring coating, gluing, spraying or other liquid application.  Even when components have complex geometry and a high level of accuracy is required.

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