Polymer Catalyst Discovery

In the race to discover new materials there is a constant requirement to carry out more experiments in a shorter space of time in order to increase the number of leads and generate results much faster. The Petrochemical industry are always searching for new Polymers/Catalysts and Astech’s automated HTFS platforms can help with unique tried and tested technology currently being utilised daily within the industry.

At Astech we understand that everybody carries out their processes for materials discovery in various unique ways depending on the type of material being researched. This is where our ability to develop bespoke automated solutions comes into its own. We believe that your automated system should be designed around your exact requirements, rather than trying to get the best fit out of a current product (which often leads to complications in the automated process).

Within materials discovery we have developed solutions based around our Flexible Experiment Workcell, as well as fully bespoke solutions for polymer and catalyst research.

Some of the features of these systems include:

  • Parallel processing of numerous samples
  • Advanced Sample Tracking
  • Complex handling
  • Specially designed sample carriers
  • Bespoke filtration for preparation of synthesised polymer sample
  • Automated in line weight determination
  • Centrifugation


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