Automated Recovery of Samples from NGIs

The Xelox® Series Next Generation Impactor (NGI) Sample Recovery System is designed to automate sample preparation and recovery from NGI equipment. 

Aerosol and Dry Powder inhalers that contain drug, either in a reservoir or as pre-metered dosage, should be subjected to a test designed to measure Aerodynamic Particle Size Distribution (APSD). This should be measured over the entire inhaler contents. For many companies, recovery of drug sample from NGI cup trays is still performed partially or completely manually.

Automating this process can increase throughput, reduce risk of repetitive strain injury for laboratory personnel, reduce variability of results and improved availability. Automated recovery of samples from NGIs is possible with the Xelox® Series NGI Sample Recovery System. 


5 sets of dedicated NGI tray positions, rock samples till drug is fully dissolved. Programmable to suit your method, the trays can tilt from 0º up to 60º on each side for a full agitation movement of up to 120º.

Capable of handling 1ml to 55ml solvent volumes. Volumes can be individually set for each tray using our Relovex software. Astech’s in-house designed covers allow samples to be collected whilst minimising evaporation.

Ready for HPLC – custom vial tray holds all your samples ready for analysis. Use the intuitive touchscreen software to select your desired sample volume from 0.5ml to 50ml.

Automating Inhaler NGI testing is possible with the Xelox® 1 Series NGI Sample Recovery System


The Xelox® NGI Sample Recovery System (SRS) can process up to 5 separate NGI trays. The system automates the otherwise manual process of sample dispensing, agitating and recovery from NGI equipment.

The NGI SRS dispenses a pre-metered volume of solvent into each NGI cup tray, using an automated pipette. The tray assembly is then agitated to fully dissolve the drug captured on each NGI cup tray. 

Upon completion of the agitation sequence, a small sample of homogenised drug solution is withdrawn, individually from each NGI cup and dispensed into sample vials. The finished vialled samples are then ready for HPLC/UPLC analysis, to determine the amount of drug contained in each sample recovered.

Download the full specification for the NGI Sample Recovery System here…

Sample Recovery System Functions:

Solvent Dispensing

NGI Agitation

Solvent Recovery

Sampler Wash

  • Parallel processing and ‘Just in Time’ software scheduling to optimise throughputs and process 5 trays in less than 60 minutes
  • Configurable stage recovery order/sequencing gives you control
  • High precision syringe pumps can handle very small volumes
  • Configurable motion profiles for agitation (angle, duration and frequency) – optimise solute dissolution for faster processing time
  • Intuitive operator interface with touchscreen controls – simple and easy to use with password protection and access levels for all types of users
  • Email notification system to inform operators that runs are complete – don’t be chained to your equipment
  • Ethernet based control system with no requirement for third party licensing and/or fieldbuses – doesn’t require any special modifications to your IT infrastructure
  • Waste solvent capacity for 1 week of running, in fire-rated cabinets
  • Small system footprint and minimal effect on lab conditions – no special modifications to infrastructure needed to install the system
  • Built-in extraction system (+ monitoring) – no additional equipment needed
  • Modular design components and expandable control system – build your full automation solution as needed
  • Remote diagnostics support functions via remote access tools or VPN – many queries can be resolved without the need for an onsite engineer
  • Long term retention of sample tracking data assists with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • LIMS compatible data exporting functions, configurable report templates and system performance tracking.


The intuitive user interface lets you easily select methods and run programs. The software allows full traceability and control over access  for compliance and auditing.

The throughput of the system is dependent on procedure and parameters selected in the method and hardware configuration. However, typically over an 8-hour shift, using a method with a 10ml solvent dispense volume and a 10-minute agitation Time, the system will be capable of processing a total of 60 tray assemblies.

The NGI SRS can be integrated with other Astech Projects X- Products systems to provide complete automation of inhaled device drug testing.

Download the full specification for the NGI Sample Recovery System here…