Particle Size Determination (Andersen)


Particle Size Determination By Andersen Cascade Impactor

The Xelize® is an established product designed around the traditional Andersen Cascade Impactor. It is the only one of its kind, revolutionising how Andersen Cascade Impaction is performed in the modern laboratory.

As always, Astech offers a range of solutions incorporating analyst workstations, semi automated platforms and fully automated systems for high throughput applications. Xelize offers parallel recovery of all stages and plates within the Andersen Cascade Impactor. It eliminates the human variability factor, produces repeatable and reliable data and caters for changing client needs by allowing seamless migration between products in the Xelize range. Core technology at the heart of the Xelize® ensures data is harmonised across the entire range.

Andersen Evaluation Kit

Manual test apparatus is available for evaluation and method development on a commercial loan or purchase basis. The apparatus uses the core technology at the heart of the Xelize range. Methods developed using the manual apparatus can be transferred onto platforms in the Xelize range.


Key Benefits Of Xelize® Automation Include:

  • Reduced variability in results
  • Increased volumes of test data
  • Increased productivity
  • Greatly reduced analyst time spent on labour intensive processes
  • Significant reduction in Health and Safety issues including WR-ULD
  • Contained handling of drug product, minimising operator exposure
  • Upgrade paths throughout the Xelize range
  • Harmonised testing throughout the Xelize range
  • Payback typically achieved within 12 months of purchase

1 Series

The Xelize® 1 Series are analyst workstations. They automate individual stages of the particle size determination process.

3 Series

The Xelize® 3 Series are semi automated platforms. They automate the entire particle size determination process, including waste firing, dose collection, dose recovery, assay preparation, clean up and plate coating.

5 Series

The Xelize® 5 Series are fully automated systems. They offer 24/7 high throughput unattended operation.

Download the complete Xelize® Series Overview to compare the specifications