Blister Strip Drug Collection


Quickly and easily collect drug from blister packaging for sample dissolution and analytical testing purposes.

The blister strip drug collection apparatus is part of a range of semi-automated equipment designed to supplement manual laboratory tasks. The device is suitable for inhaled, parenteral and solid dosage form pharmaceutical products.

Speed up drug collection and reduce the risk of injury with this simple and safe to operate equipment.

  • Can be customised to fit non-standard collection flasks
  • Safe enclosed needle punches the blister packaging
  • Solvent is pumped through to ensure complete collection of the drug
  • Drug is collected in solution ready for testing
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces repetitive strain and risk of injury
  • Ensures collection of full dose
  • Reduces operator contact with drug
  • Speeds up processing of blister packaged drugs
Astech offer a range of automated and semi-automated solutions for common laboratory tasks.

You don’t have to have a large fully automated work cell to make automation improvements in your laboratory.

Our Blister strip drug collection apparatus can be used as a standalone workstation or in conjunction with our cobots and mobile cobots. Astech’s Robotic Laboratory Assistant (RLA) is a flexible and cost-effective way to link manual and semi-automated workstations together. Improve throughput and optimise processes using Astech’s RLA to achieve an automated laboratory using your existing equipment. The RLA is a flexible approach to automation that is easily teachable, so new equipment can be added as you expand your modern automated laboratory. Read more about our RLAs…

For more information about Blister strip drug collection or how to integrate single function machinery into an automated laboratory contact our team