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Produce, store and report high quality and consistent data
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Data Management

One of the key outputs from an automated system is data. As a result, Data Management, the ability to produce, store and report high quality


Control and scheduling for robotic automation systems
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Astech’s Relovex ® is a software package that controls and schedules the work performed by robotic and automation systems. Relovex® is scalable and suitable for


Experts in compliant software design
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Astech Projects in-house software development team are experts in the design and build of advanced automation and robotics solutions. Software is developed according to ISO9001,


Solutions for waste water testing, clean water testing, microbiology tests and organics
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Water Analysis

Astech offer solutions for all of the commonly encountered regulatory water tests. Astech have solutions for waste water testing, clean water testing, microbiology tests and


Astech provide systems for automated testing of urine sample
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Urine Analysis

Our systems automate the laborious process of sample preparation


Fully bespoke solutions for polymer and catalyst research
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Polymer Catalyst Discovery

In the race to discover new materials there is a constant requirement to carry out more experiments in a shorter space of time in order


Preparation and synthesis of compounds in a fast efficient manner
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High Throughput Formulation Science

In order to keep up with the demands of high throughput formulation science, it is necessary to prepare reagents and synthesise compounds much faster. A


Flexible solutions for automating forced degradation
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Forced Degradation

Forced degradation studies (also known as stress testing or purposeful degradation) are an important part of any new drug development process. Within the ICH Guideline

Drug Development

Testing household and personal care products
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Consumer Goods Testing

Personal Care Many personal care products must be quality tested before release to market. Such products include toiletries, soaps, shampoos, oral treatments, shaving accessories and


Automated sample identification, preparation and handling
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Blood Analysis

Astech provide systems for automated testing of blood samples. Our solutions can accommodate human or animal samples as required. The labour intensive processes of sample


Effective manufacturing processes
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In-Process Measurement

Many of today’s manufacturing processes rely on batch processing methods and batch testing to evaluate quality prior to release. A significant proportion of these processes


Manufacturing that adheres to regulatory requirements
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Medical Device Assembly

Medical devices have to be manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure patient safety and adhere to regulatory requirements. Achieving this level of quality


Flexible plate and liquid handling
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Flexible Experimentation Workcell

Astech’s flexible experimentation workcell provides in-built facilities for storing and handling well plates, tubes, bottles and unique storage mediums. Integrated liquid and powder handling, testing,


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