Particle Size Determination (NGI)


Particle Size Determination By Next Generation Impactor (NGI)

The Xelox® offers the latest technology in particle size determination. Based around a Next Generation Impactor (NGI) the Xelox® offers automated solutions for labour intensive processes.

The Xelox® range includes analyst workstations, semi-automated platforms and fully automated systems for unattended 24/7 operation. The analyst workstations are based upon Astech’s innovative X-product technology whilst the semi-automated and fully automated platforms utilize technology developed by Astech for a Consortium of leading pharma.


Key benefits of Xelox® range include:

  • Reduced variability in results
  • Increased volumes of test data
  • Increased productivity
  • Greatly reduced analyst time spent on labour intensive processes
  • Significant reduction in Health and Safety issues including WR-ULD
  • Contained handling of drug product, minimising operator exposure
  • Upgrade paths throughout the Xelox range
  • Harmonised testing throughout the Xelox range

1 Series

The Xelox® 1 Series are analyst workstations. They automate individual stages of the particle size determination process. They improve data consistency by removing manual errors from key stages of the test sequence.

3 Series

The Xelox® 3 Series are semi-automated platforms. They automate the entire particle size determination process, including waste firing, dose collection, dose recovery, assay preparation, clean up and cup coating.

5 Series

The Xelox® 5 Series are fully automated systems. They offer 24/7 high throughput unattended operation.


Download the complete Xelox® Series Overview to compare the specifications