What are Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)?

    As sectors such as Agriculture, Healthcare and Manufacturing are under rising pressure to increase their efficiency and delivery, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) have become a fix-all solution for many.

    Applications of cobots in manufacturing

    Industrial robot integrations streamline productivity, take the heavy lifting away from human workers, and create a safer, more efficient environment all round. But when it comes to cobots in manufacturing, what are the most useful, practical applications?

    Industrial robotic arms vs collaborative arms - what are the differences?

    As robotic technologies improve and develop, Industrial Robotic Arms are growing in popularity. Thanks to their fast and reliable operating systems, robotic arms are optimising efficiency, accuracy and productivity within automating manufacturing processes.

    Types of automation in medical laboratories

    As the pressure increases for medical advancements to be made, the demand for faster, more accurate, and efficient results is subsequently growing.

    A guide to types of collaborative robot

    Types of collaborative robots are defined by the ISO 10218 standard, which outlines a framework for manufacturers to work towards. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at cobot types and their features.

    Laboratory robotics explained (+ types of lab robots)

    As the technology within labs evolves, laboratory robotics remains a key area of development. In this piece, we discuss what is meant by laboratory robotics, and the types of robots that can be found in a lab.

    How human robot collaboration is achieved with cobots

    Human robot collaboration is becoming more common as technology develops, and is commonplace across certain industries. Below, we discuss how a beneficial level of collaboration is achieved, and the benefits of integrating cobots into workflows.

    Lab workflow automation: how can it help?

    In laboratories, precision matters. A missed step can cause costly mistakes and set procedures back by hours, or even days.

    What are Cobots? Collaborative robots explained

    The experts at Astech answer the question, ‘what are cobots?’, explaining the many uses for collaborative robots, and how they can streamline workflows.

    How Automated Production Streamlines Workflows

    Learn more about automation production and how it could help you to streamline your workflow.

    Introducing LabExpert®

    Using Automation Software to Streamline Your Workflow.

    Key benefits of automated testing

    In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, automation is quickly becoming the norm, not the exception. Leveraging automation in testing procedures is one way that different industries are speeding up their time to project completion.

    Industrial Automation - determining which solution you need

    The adoption of automation into industrial settings is causing increased efficiency and productivity to accelerate. From assembly lines to factories, industrial automation is improving workflows, minimising delays, and creating safer environments for workers and robots to co-exist in.

    RPA vs Traditional Automation - Exploring the Differences

    Uncover the distinctions between RPA and more traditional, broader automation to make informed decisions on your processes

    The Benefits of Laboratory Automation and Scheduling Software

    Find out the benefits of using laboratory automation and scheduling software, and how you can experience real-time tracking and resource optimisation.

    Ways to Streamline Lab Production

    Automation is the key to streamlining your lab production and unlocking the full potential of your workforce. Here, we explore the ways you can streamline production in your lab.

    What is Lab Automation Software?

    Below, we answer the question: 'what is lab automation software?', and explain how you can utilise it to streamline your labs processes.

    Achieving automation in healthcare

    Learn how automation in healthcare optimises patient care and resource utilisation

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