X-BOT Manufacturing Cells

Astech’s X-Bot Manufacturing Cells are designed to provide companies of all sizes with flexible manufacturing equipment.

The X-Bot Cells can be installed as a standalone workstation, integrated with another X-Bot cell or alongside your existing factory automation. This flexible approach to automation can improve productivity and quality, providing fantastic value for money.


Astech’s multinational client base recognise the importance of moving away from traditional production lines to more flexible solutions. Utilising combinations of compact dedicated manufacturing cells and flexible solutions, such as Astech’s machine tending autonomous mobile robots (AMR’s), can maximise the automation potential of even small sites. The flexibility of Astech’s X-Bot range provides our clients with maximum return on investment and ensures a long working life for the automation.

The X-Bot range integrates seamlessly with any Manufacturing Execution System (MES) via Astech’s Relovex® software package. Each cell comes with with a high specification IPC control system which can be easily operated from the system's 19” touchscreen HMI.

X-Mask Automated Masking Cell

Astech’s X-Mask Automated Masking Cell is a bespoke masking solution, utilising proven technology for flexible masking of components.

The X-Mask provides you with the ability to process multiple component types within one cell, using our quick fit tooling change system. 


Automated Masking Cell Standard Specification
  • ABB Robot with Gripper
  • Vision System
  • Enclosure with system status lighting package
  • Electrical Control System with Safety PLC
  • Pneumatic Package
  • IPC Control System utilising Relovex® Software
  • 19" touchscreen HMI
  • Handheld Barcode Reader
  • Size: 2200mm x 2200mm x2200mm
  • Includes Installation
  • Training and Maintenance Packages available
Masking Specific Options
  • Dymax Preflow Eco Pen or sprayhead
  • Masking media delivery can be via an external pumping system for larger volumes
  • Or arm mounted cartridge for faster media changes
  • Dymax SubZero UV light source housed within Astech “light-tight” UV Curing Box
  • Laser Displacement Sensor for measuring key features of a component
  • Temperature Monitoring (AC System excluded)
  • Apertures for connection to local air extraction system

Applicable Industries

  • Aerospace
  • Medical Device Component Manufacture
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Painting Applications