Vision & Inspection

Vision & Inspection Applications

Medical Devices

Code Reading- Machine vision is used extensively in many industry sectors for automated identification (Auto ID) and traceability of parts. Astech deliver OCR/OCV, 1D barcode, and 2D Data Matrix vision solutions for high contrast and difficult to read directly marked codes on challenging parts.


Cap and Seal Integrity- High speed inspection of cap and seal integrity on pharmaceutical containers. Machine vision is used to verify cap type, presence and position and to ensure the tamper proof seal has not been breached.

Verification of Medical Devices- To ensure correct assembly of individual components for medical devices. Vision inspection is used at various stages during production minimising the resource and costs associated with re-working and scrapping parts.

Syringe Plunger Position- Machine vision is used to ensure that a sheath has been correctly assembled onto a syringe, and that the plunger position is within the tolerances required. The system can inspect multiple variants of syringe without the requirement for a costly tooling change.

Automated Test Equipment- To provide positive identification of inhaler variant and removal of the cover prior to being tested. A combination of ID and machine vision verifies the unique product ID and that the cover has been fully removed before being presented to the automated test equipment.


Packaging Applications

Consumer Goods Cap Closure- On a fast moving consumer goods production line machine vision is used to ensure the cap of the bottle has been applied correctly, prior to the product being labelled and packed for retail. The vision system can detect if the cap is present, loose or cocked (cross threaded).

Vision Guided Robotics- Machine vision is used extensively to locate components for pick and place robotic applications. Benefits include reduction of costly fixturing and tooling. Additionally, the vision system can double up to perform quality control inspection; ensuring only good product is picked, placed and packed.

Contents Verification- Final inspection to confirm that the product and leaflet have been correctly inserted into secondary packaging before closure of the carton. Unlike conventional sensors, machine vision systems can reliably cope with both the positional variation of the carton on the process and the product/leaflet that has been inserted.


Vision and inspection is just one aspect of Astech’s advanced approach to process and packaging automation.