High Throughput Formulation Science

In order to keep up with the demands of high throughput formulation science, it is necessary to prepare reagents and synthesise compounds much faster. A lot of this preparation time is dependent on the reaction time during the synthesis stage. The only way around this is to carry out high numbers of parallel reactions, while at the same time preparing reagents for the next set of reactions.

In the typical example shown above; the customer had a large library of existing compounds and wanted to formulate new useable compounds from this library. Astech combined our knowledge of High Throughput Screening (HTS) techniques from the Pharmaceutical Industry with our unparalleled engineering expertise in Automation for Petro Chem & Chemical applications.

We then applied ourselves to this demanding environment to deliver a unique solution. The compounds being formulated and handled provided a great challenge as they varied greatly in viscosity and are often in powder form.

Astech’s Flexible Experiment Workcell and Mini Flex Workcell system provided the right solution in this instance. The integration of compound storage, powder handling and liquid handling technology coupled with the ability to carry out numerous parallel reactions while mixing ensured that the system performed preparation and the synthesis of compounds in a fast efficient manner.

All experiments are designed, scheduled and tracked through our intuitive software solution which is tailored around your needs to ensure that it is user friendly for all analysts who will be operating the system.