Flexible Experimentation Workcell

Astech’s flexible experimentation workcell provides in-built facilities for storing and handling well plates, tubes, bottles and unique storage mediums. Integrated liquid and powder handling, testing, and analysis technology are provided using industry leading equipment from 3rd party suppliers. The foundation of the workstation is based upon a dual arm robot which allows both plate handling and liquid handling to be carried out over a common bed. Coupled with a single user interface for easy control of the complete system, and the flexibility to incorporate further equipments at any time, Astech’s Flexible Experimentation Workcell provides the user with a true fully automated solution.

flexible experimentation workcell


  • Astech have carriers for a number of alternative vessel sizes including 8, 16, 24, 48 tube configurations. Custom carriers are available on request
  • High speed, smooth and accurate robotic handling system for transferring well plates and Astech tube carriers between instruments and equipment
  • Dual arm configuration allowing plate/tube handling technology and liquid handling technology to be provided within the same work area
  • Enclosed workspace that can optionally be temperature and humidity controlled
  • Storage hotels for well plates, Astech tube carriers and tip boxes
  • Liquid handling using industry leading technology
  • Various testing and analysis technologies such as HPLC injection, centrifuge, heating, vortexing and plate sealing functions
  • Powder handling using proven technology to dispense using gravimetric feedback. (Gravimetric feedback offers increased test precision by allowing subsequent liquid dispenses to be referenced to powder weight)
  • Advanced software facilities including scheduling, flexible experiment/method creation, parallel processing, optimised throughput, intuitive GUI and extensive data storage and analysis facilities
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliance (where required)

Optional Extras:

  • Cooled storage for preservation of samples
  • Astech bespoke filtration
  • Bar Code / RFID Tagging to keep track of sample position and status within the system
  • Temperature and humidity control