8 March 2018

Experts Predict Automation is the New Age of Technology

ITV’s Tonight programme has recently predicted the growth of robotics and computer technology in the workplace and claimed that more than a third of jobs could be replaced by machines by 2030. Indicators show that robotics & automation is the ‘new age of technology’ suggesting that “the whole digitised agenda is bigger than the industrial revolution”.

“Smart computer technology is fast replacing humans in virtually all sectors with automation playing a fundamental role.  Manufacturing businesses need to invest in these technologies to enable them to compete within an increasingly global market. The process has already begun and will accelerate rapidly over the next 10 to 20 years. Robots, computers and smart technology will change the way we work and do business, they will take over thousands of jobs that are today being done by human beings.”

A recent survey was carried out on over 200 UK manufacturers of all sizes on behalf of ABB Robotics. Of these, 134 are not currently using robots, with 65 ruling out introducing a robot in the near future. When asked to specify their reasons, 21 cited cost of purchase and ownership and 38 gave lack of experience as major reasons for shying away from investing in robotics and automation.

Anthony Moran, Sales & Marketing Director, Astech Projects commented, “We’ve been delivering robotic & automated systems for 20 years and experience has shown us the investment can be recovered within as little as 12 to 18 months. Unlike humans, robots are robust, repeatable and can perform tasks in dangerous environments for 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Although automation technology may replace humans in some repetitive, unskilled jobs it will create higher skilled replacement jobs that will make the country increasingly competitive.”

“Forward thinking businesses such as Cadburys have already invested £75 million in new technology to improve their production capacity. Companies that invest in new robotic technology will benefit from increased product quality and throughput. At Astech we can design and deliver affordable innovative solutions to help manufacturing companies become more competitive”.